Best Landing Net For Any Species

Sometimes a baited fishing rod is not the best way to catch the species you’re interested in. Especially if you are quite concerned about the quantity of lake and sea critters you want to pick up.

It can often be far easier to use a landing net instead, and you can often get a more successful haul.

But not all landing nets are created equal - some are way better than others. A good landing net works to protect the fish so that if you catch a species you don’t want, you can simply release it back into the water.

And to that end, a top-quality landing net should be coated, and thus be more gentle against the species’ skin, and make releasing the fish that much easier.

We’ve been checking out what landing nets are available on the market at the moment, and after much deliberation, we were able to handpick our top 5 favorites. Our reviews on these are coming up very shortly.

Here goes…


EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net, Ultimate Fishermen’s Tool, Telescoping Handle, Replaceable Head, Salt & Freshwater, 2 Year Warranty, 18-36' Handle

This slider net uses some of the most advanced technology available, with a simple push of a button and pull the handle, the net’s pole extends dramatically, from a modest 18 inches to a very long 36 inches. And you have a choice of lock-in points for the length.

And when in full swing, the net is durable enough to hold a whopping 30 pounds of fish.

The other thing we love about this one is the various interchangeable components you can use with it. You can simply twist off the net, and replace it with other handy pieces of the system, such as a boat hook, a lure retriever, and a deck brush.

And if you manage to drop it into the water, it won’t sink, it will float.

It’s the ultimate landing net for those who do their fishing out on a boat.

Please note, on the Amazon page there are two nets to choose from, one with a rubber mesh and one with a PVC coated mesh. Please be sure to only select the one you want.


  • Extends up to 36 inches!
  • Interchangeable end pieces
  • Can hold up to 30 lbs of fish!


  • Premium product at a premium price
  • Doesn’t fold down for easy transport
  • The accessories are sold separately


EGO S1 Genesis Floating Fishing Net, Fishermen’s Tool, Salt & Freshwater, Non-Slip Grip, Compact Storage, Lightweight, 30+ Attachments, Warranty

Like the Ego S2 Slider, the Ego S1 Genesis also has interchangeable accessories you can attach in place of the net (the same ones).

The Ego S1 Genesis is super lightweight, you barely notice you have a net in your hand.

It doesn’t feature an extendable handle, but it’s still a very good handle. Durable and with a comfortable non-slip grip.

And if you manage to drop it into the water, it won’t sink, it will float.

There’s a choice of different types of netting to choose from with this model. You could go for a clear rubber mesh, a large deep rubber mesh, a nylon mesh, a PVC coated mesh, a rubber-coated nylon mesh, or a regular rubber mesh.

Please note that the price of the landing net depends on which size of net you decide to get.


  • Interchangeable end pieces
  • Very lightweight, little drag
  • Won’t sink if you let go of it
  • Strong, durable handle with good grip
  • Many types of netting to choose from


  • Doesn’t fold down for easy transport
  • The accessories are sold separately
  • Handle not extendable


PLUSINNO Fishing Net, Floating Rubber Coated Landing Net - Easy Catch Release,Foldable Fishing Net for Easy Transport Storage for Bass Trout Catfish Pike Salmon Fly Kayak Fishing

The stand out feature of this particular landing net is the two float tubes positioned on two of the three sides of the net’s opening, which give it real buoyancy.

The clear advantage of this is that you will never lose your net to the waters. It will always stay afloat, so if you do end up letting go of it, you won’t have to get too wet to retrieve it. 

Moreover, these float tubes are a bright blue, making your net very easy to spot if you dropped it in the water.

It’s the perfect length for kayak or fly fishing. When fully extended it reaches just over 28 inches. The sides of the netting are all about 14 inches long, so it can accommodate all manner of fish species.

When you’re not using it, it folds up particularly compactly, to a mere 15.7 inches, which is very easy to stash away somewhere small and carry around. And it has a belt clip to boot.

The netting is made up of a snag-free hexagonal rubber-coated nylon mesh. It has been specially designed to be gentle on fish skin, for easy catch and release.

The handle is nice and sturdy, composed of carbon fiber together with fiberglass. The handhold is made from skid-resistant EVA, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip if your hands got wet.

It’s available at an excellent price and can be used with both saltwater and cold-water fish.

On the Amazon page, there’s also a larger version of the net available if you prefer.


  • Bright blue float tubes
  • Buoyancy in water
  • Super compact when folded
  • Fish-friendly netting
  • Skid-resistant handle


  • Some customers have found the net stiff to fold and unfold


PLUSINNO Fishing Net Fish Landing Net, Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Pole Handle, Durable Nylon Material Mesh, Safe Fish Catching or Releasing

What we love about this landing net is just how portable it is. While it has a telescopic pole that extends up to 27 inches, you can fold and collapse it right down to just 17 inches for carrying around. 

You could easily fit it into a backpack when collapsed. Or you can make use of its belt clip. And it’s lightweight too, weighing just 11 ounces.

The net has a triangular 12 inch opening with a base that mirrors it at a depth of 7.5 inches. This size of landing net can catch all manner of fish species.

The net is composed of a durable, knotless nylon material hexagonal mesh. It’s completely non-absorbent so you won’t get any waterlogging or any nasty odor absorption. It’s also a fish-friendly material that won’t damage the fish scales at all, so it’s a great choice for when you want to catch and release.

The net’s handle is composed of a tough high-density carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. And better yet, it also features a skid-resistant EVA handhold, so no matter how splashed you get, you don’t lose your grip.

And it’s available at an excellent price and is suited for fishing in rivers, lakes, or the sea.

If you decide to buy this one, please be careful which one you select on the Amazon page, because there are 4 different ones to choose from in different sizes.


  • Collapsible for convenient transport & storage
  • Skid-resistant EVA handhold
  • A size that can capture many species
  • Fish-friendly nylon material mesh
  • No nasty odor absorption


  • Some customers were disappointed that the net only telescopes a few inches


YVLEEN Folding Fishing Net - Foldable Fish Landing Net Robust Aluminum Telescopic Pole Handle and Nylon Mesh 16inch Hoop Size

Here’s another folding landing net that’s proved very popular with customers.

The pole of the net reaches 23 inches when fully extended, before forming a triangle opening, with two 15 inch sides and one 16 inch side.

Then the net reaches a depth of 11.8 inches. Granted it doesn’t sound that big, but it can easily accommodate a wide range of species.

And when you’re not using it, it can fold down to just 17 inches, and comes with its own case, making it a breeze to stash in a backpack or holdall, without getting other items wet. Or you can make use of the belt clip.

The net itself is composed of a durable, hexagonal nylon mesh, that’s been designed to ensure that the fish do not get at all harmed when caught, making it a great option for catch and release.

The net is also non-absorbent which means you don’t have to take any nasty fish smells home with you.

The telescopic pole meanwhile, is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, and as such can resist both bending and cracking.

And that’s not all - there’s also a skid-resistant handle, so the net won’t slide away in your hands no matter how much you get splashed!

If you decide to buy this one, please be careful which one you select on the Amazon page, because there are 6 different ones to choose from in different sizes.


  • Collapsible & comes with a carry case
  • Durable, non-absorbing nylon net
  • The netting is fish-friendly for catch & release
  • Several different sizes to choose from
  • Corrosion-resistant and skid-resistant handle


  • Only telescopes a few inches
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