Andrew Marshall

Andrew is a dedicated outdoorsman and fisherman. He has competed in and won several fishing tournaments in America and Belize. His favorite places to fish are Ambergris Caye, Belize and off the coast of his native South Carolina. If you're ever in the area feel free to drop him a line. He'd be happy to show you his favorite spots.

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10 Best Trolling Motor Batteries: Top AGM and Flooded Options

Any aspiring angler should know that a trolling motor battery is essential for silently moving across the water’s surface so you don’t disturb the fish below.The trolling motor system is a hugely beneficial piece of equipment for fishermen who want to avoid spooking and scattering any schools of fish, as this will make it harder …

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5 Best Fluorocarbon Line (Baitcasting and Spinning)

The fishing line plays a critical role when you’re fishing. Finding a top-quality line should be of the utmost importance. For versatile fishing, you should consider a fluorocarbon line. These lines will always be a great long-term investment and are suitable for all kinds of fishing.Although fluorocarbon lines have been around for a long period, …

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10 Best Spinning Reels

Nothing quite tops the feeling of being out on the water, paired with the satisfaction of catching your own dinner when you’re fishing. Finding the right spinning reel can be a challenge, especially with the copious amounts of choice on the fishing market. So how can you know which spinning reel is the best? We’ve compiled …

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