6 Best Crankbait Rods For Bass Fishing

10 Best Crankbait Rods For Bass Fishing

Crankbait is a hard style of bait that are made to lure in bass fish, which are much larger and tend to prey on smaller fish.

Crankbait looks exactly like these smaller fish, made with plastic, wood or metal, they mimic not just the look of these small fish, but also how they move.

Most crankbait comes with either one or two hinges in the center, which causes it to bend in the water in much the same way as a real fish would. It has a rounded body with a lip that will cause the bait to move from side-to-side through the water.

Some of the top quality crankbaits will need to be of a certain shape, size and material to give you the best chances of snaring in the hefty bass fish.

You’ll need something large enough to see in the water as well as something that you can cast out for possibly half a mile, depending on the flexibility and durability of your rod.

But where can you find the best crankbaits for bass fishing? What are the best features for a crankbait to have to get you a nice big bloater on the end of your rod? What materials are the best fishing weights made out of? How much will a good crankbait set you back in terms of price?

Well, fish finders the world over need not worry about these questions any longer, because we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best crankbait rods for bass fishing currently available on the market.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you when shopping for your next crankbait and some frequently asked questions from fishermen great and small.


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Our first fishing lures are very high quality, coming from top-rated fishing lure manufacturer LotFancy that has garnered thousands of positive reviews online for its well-crafted fishing accessories.

These lures are vivid and of a decent size and weight to ensure that you’ll be able to launch them for hundreds of yards out into the water on your line - introducing LotFancy Fishing Lures.

These fishing lures weigh around 3 to 8 grams and vary in size between 1.5 and 3.6-inches, so you can adapt them to either beginner or advanced bass fishing.

They have gravity balls in their centre, with bright colors and 3D fishing eyes that will be irresistible to bass fish deep under the water.


  • This crankbait is made from high-quality material and will move just like real fish in the water.
  • They are very versatile weights, perfect for either entry-level or advanced bass fishers who prefer a little more weight and vividness to their fishing lures.
  • These flights come in a wide variety of colors and are almost distinguishable from real fishes - your bass fish will have a hard time telling them apart.
  • These lures have triple hooks on the inside, so once your bass has gotten its gums around this one, likely, they won’t be able to get off the hook anytime soon.


  • The price - a high-quality flight comes at a very high price tag. If you are starting in the world of bass fishing, we would recommend that you buy something cheaper.


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Our next fishing lures are made by another renowned brand, highly rated when it comes to crafting realistic-looking lures that will feel great on the end of your rod.

They come at various lengths and vibrant colors, which will be very important if you’re fishing in particularly murky waters - introducing the Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures.

These are some of the best fishing lures currently on the market, it even features as one of Amazon’s choice fishing accessories. They are large and brightly colored, with weighted balls on the inside that can increase your casting distance considerably. 

They have dual barbed and sharpening fishing hooks that will ensure that your bass stays firmly on the line once you start pulling.


  • With a weight in the core, this lure has a long cast and an increased vibration when in the water that will attract plenty of bass fish.
  • These flies have hinges in the center that causes them to move in much the same way as real fish would move.
  • The bright and distinctive colors will make these crankbaits stick out in salt heavy waters and muddy streams.
  • They are made from durable plastic, which means they will last much longer in the water and your bait box.


  • Some users have claimed that these lures are not worth the cheaper price tag and have recommended that serious fishers save up their money for more expensive lures.


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Next up, we have fishing lures that are next level when it comes to design, aesthetics and resilience in the water. They have multi-jointed bodies that mimic the movement of real fish with weights in the center that give you a decent casting distance.

Made from solid plastic materials, these have all the design features you need for a top-quality fishing lure - introducing the Rose Kuli Fishing Lures.

The colors on these lures are very diverse, with plenty of variety for use in lake fishing, stream or even sea fishing.

You won’t have to worry about the strong current snatching your lure off the line, these are crafted with the finest materials, with treble hooks that will ensure your bass can’t make a swift getaway when on the line.


  • These fish have holographic three-dimensional eyes that will make them very appealing to bass fish who won’t be able to distinguish them from the real things.
  • With bright colors and vivid patterns, you’ll be able to use these lures in a wide range of fishing styles, including lake and sea fishing.
  • The weighted core will give you a decent casting distance, which is especially important to sea fishing where you want your line to be as far away from the boat as possible.
  • The multi-jointed body will ensure that your crankbait will move like fish through the water - a clever ruse for ensnaring your real-life bass fish.


  • Some users have complained that these lures aren’t that durable and the plastic can break after only a few uses.


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Our next set of lures are very realistic, at 4-inches in length and weighing half and ounce, they are slightly more lightweight for those who prefer a less intensive style of fishing.

With lifelike colors, bright patterns and thicker lips that will result in your fish moving through the water as realistically as possible - introducing the wLure Minnow Crankbait.

These lures have a treble eagle claw hook that will keep even the more energetic trout on the line for as long as possible. This crankbait is made from the most durable metal and plastic material, with weighted cores to ensure a long casting line.


  • These flights are made from plastic materials that are highly resistant to the corrosive elements of saltwater.
  • The treble clawed eagle hook will keep your bass firmly attached to the end of the line, which is incredibly handy as bass are very hefty and can thrash around wildly, causing your line to break.
  • There is a vast range of colors available for these crankbaits, with literally hundreds of options available that you can use to adapt to all manner of fishing styles.
  • The weighted cores will be very resilient to choppy waters as well as giving you a casting distance far away from your boat.


  • Some users have complained that these lures sink like stones when you cast them into the water, which is not good for catching bass fish.


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This next lure is one that accurately mimics a smaller fish struggling, with a shallow diving tip that puts it closer to the surface of the water.

It has a segmented body that will imitate the movement of a fish in the water and is one of the better moderately-priced fishing lures that comes in a wide range of bright colors - introducing the Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap 7 Fishing Lure.

The numerous colors available to you on this lure will ensure that you can use it in a wide variety of different fishing scenarios, especially useful in murky waters.

These crankbaits come with two treble hooks that will ensure that your fish won’t get away too easily, with durable metal and plastic construction.


  • This is one of the better mid-range fishing weights, with a great price tag, making it perfect for the entry-level fisherman.
  • This fishing weight will be able to appeal to a wide range of bass fish species, so you’ll be able to adapt this lure to several fishing locations.
  • This lure comes in segmented parts, mimicking the movement of real fish as closely as possible, which will be impossible to resist for bass fish.
  • The price - these are decently priced for what they have to offer, with a durable construction, you can expect these lures to last a lot longer than other models on the market.


  • Some users have complained that these lures have failed to increase their number of catches.


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We’ve saved the best until last, coming from the highly reputable Strike King KVD brand, amassing hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, with a square design that will act as erratic as a real struggling fish, but also will remain true once in the water.

This option is decently-priced, perfect for beginner fishers - introducing the Strike King KVD 1.5 Shallow Square Bill Crankbait.

This has an innovative design that will make it look like the fish is roving through the water, the weighted core giving it the ability to dive into the water up to depths of 3 - 6 feet.

This is marketed as a shallow water power fishing crankbait, with an erratic movement that will encourage strikes from your bass fish.


  • There are a large variety of options for your crankbait in terms of color and size, meaning that you can adapt your lures for any number of fishing situations.
  • You can also pick a range of weights and lengths, meaning that you can be certain of a reliable casting length with each weight you pick.
  • You can purchase these weights individually, which gives you greater choice when it comes to which crankbait you have for which fishing scenario.
  • This crankbait has no internal rattling, which makes it great for the silent approach that will take your bass completely unawares and encourage them to strike.


  • Some users have complained that the lures that were delivered to them were the wrong size to the ones they had ordered.

Best Crankbait Rods For Bass Fishing Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the correct crankbait for your bass fishing, you’ll need to consider the intensity and regularity of the fishing that you’ll be doing.

The more casual fisher will certainly not want to spend a lot of dollars on lures with all the state-of-the-art features.

Crankbaits come in 3 main different types, each one having a different lip size. For shallow water fishing, you’ll be wanting a small lip, for medium water fishing, you’ll want a larger lip and for deep water fishing, you’ll be wanting the largest lip.

Here are some other things you’ll be needing to consider when buying your next lure:

What Is The Size Of Your Lure?

The very simple equation goes thusly: the bigger the lure you use, then the larger the size of the fish you’re going to catch. Therefore, knowing the size of the fish you’ll want to snare will directly correlate with the size of the bait that you’ll want to buy.

If you are a casual fisher who only wants to try and catch smaller fish on an irregular basis, we would recommend that you opt for a smaller and more inexpensive style of lure.

What Material Is Your Lure Made From?

There are many different types of material that a lure can be made from, however, most of the ones that we’ve listed above are made from reliant ABS plastic.

You can also get crankbait that is made out of wood, although this might be more susceptible to the natural corrosive elements of the saltwater.

Does Your Crankbait Have 3D Eyes?

This neat little feature is something that will make your bait more attractive to bass, as they will think that the fish they are about to eat is real.

However, for newcomers to fishing, be aware that these extra details will also contribute more to the final cost of your crankbait.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Crankbaits?

Crankbait are generally harder than the standard flies that you might use to attract smaller fish. It is often made from plastic and fashioned in a vivid and colorful style to mimic the look of the real fish that are prey to larger fish.

These types of bait have segmented bodies that will replicate the realistic movement of fish in the water. They also have detailed 3D eyes. All these things help to lure the real bass fish onto your line.

Can You Use Crankbait For Luring In Fish That Aren’t Bass?

Yes, you can use these lures to target other types of fish, although the determining factor is whether or not they eat the small fish that your lures are designed to look like.

If your crankbait does not match the type of food that your catch eats, then your rod won’t be twitching any time soon.

Can You Reuse Crankbait?

You can use crankbait more than once, although because of their tiny size and the tough saltwater conditions that they are subjected to, you can expect them to wear out naturally after a few months.

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