4 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod – Portable Fishing Rod

Whatever and wherever you are fishing, there is a rod for you. There are several styles from sea to fly fishing and having the right rod that is up to the challenge is critical.

Traditional fishing rods have always been challenging to transport with some measuring up to 15 feet. These are superb pieces of equipment for catching fish but can be a hassle in the car or walking through wooded areas. 

To tackle this inconvenience, you could choose a fishing rod that will fit securely into a compact box.

Telescopic fishing rods will be the solution to your angling woes. These collapsible rods use fitted segments (blanks) instead of one long piece of fiberglass, bamboo, graphite, or carbon fiber.

These have the main advantage of being portable. Today, many anglers bring telescopic fishing rods as secondary lines to their traditional rods. 

Although first introduced as plastic children’s gear, telescopic rods have grown in popularity with several manufacturers producing top-quality models.

We have compiled a list of the top 4 telescopic fishing rods for you to consider followed by a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQs section.

We got you hooked yet? Let’s reel in our top pick below.


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If you’re looking for a rod that is great for both beginners and experienced anglers, look no further than the KastKing Blackhawk II.

This multipurpose rod is available in 14 lengths and can be used for spinning or casting. Whether you are trout fishing or inshore fishing, the KastKing Blackhawk II is suitable for fresh and saltwater situations. 

The KastKing Blackhawk II is constructed from graphite with floating line guides. Its high-density EVA foam handle offers supreme comfort and stability. Its floating line guides are towards the front of the rod allowing more line support near its tip.

This rod features soloscopic performance technology. This means the rod is a six-piece model with comparable features to a single-piece rod. Its line performance is very similar and has very high sensitivity levels with a full-length power transition.

The KastKing Blackhawk II works well for shore and surf fishing and when used with high-end spinning reels, it is still able to handle heavy dray. It is sturdy enough for casting larger weights but lighter models can be chosen for freshwater fishing.


  • Soloscopic technology for unmatched durability, sensitivity, and performance
  • Multipurpose - Can be used for fresh and saltwater fishing with spinning and baitcasting rods available
  • Highly convenient for easy portability and storage
  • Made with graphite reel seats, stainless steel line guides, and EVA handles for comfort and durability
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • The ML action is quite heavy


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The PLUSINNO Fishing Rod stands out for its ease of use and absolute comfort. It is available in an array of sizes as well as with combo deals.

It is constructed with high-density 24-ton carbon fiber that is reinforced with fiberglass composite. This provides elasticity and durability for a powerful telescopic rod.

You will be able to cast superb distances with accuracy thanks to its welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts.

As with most telescopic rods, the PLUSINNO model is extremely lightweight and fantastically portable. Its CNC machine cut hand is collapsible and interchangeable between hands.

You won’t have to worry about any wear as this is built with corrosion-resistant ball bearings for long-lasting use.

The PLUSINNO Fishing Rod comes with a handy carrying case and plastic tip for guide protection. You will find it is easy to mount a reel onto it and hold comfortably for long periods.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Combo deals available with additional accessories
  • Comes with a plastic tip for guide protection
  • Easy to mount a reel onto it
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Pole is sometimes a little stiff which can affect your casting distance


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The impressive Sougayiling rod comes in different lengths (5.9 feet, 6.9 feet, 7.9 feet, 8.9 feet, and 9.8 feet). When collapsed, its lengths range from 18.5 inches to 27.6 inches.

If you want to fish in freshwater and saltwater, the Sougayiling’s YB3000 series reel will work well for fish up to 10 lbs. Its setup is great for most types of fishing and its longer poles are especially useful in surf fishing.

Made from high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, this rod is of great quality. Like many saltwater spinning rods, its base grip is made with EVA. The guide rings are ceramic while the guide inserts are made with aluminum oxide for supreme durability.

There is an option to purchase a carry case with the rod but this will cost extra. Nonetheless, the Sougayilang comes equipped with a braided fishing line and some basic tackle to start fishing right away.


  • Lightweight and well balanced for ease-of-use
  • Very stylish design
  • Made from top-quality high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass for a solid construction
  • Comes with a cap to protect the guides and a pouch for storage


  • Guides sometimes become unglued


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For supreme casting at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the Eagle Claw telescopic rod. Measuring 5.5 in length, it collapses to just 18 inches.

It is a classic telescopic rod that has been a favorite for many anglers over the years. Its lightweight feel is particularly inviting if you intend on backpacking or hiking long distances.

The Eagle Claw is a multipurpose choice and can work well when catching bass, trout, and panfish. It is a durable piece of equipment made from fiberglass materials and a good-quality EVA foam handle. Its guides are ceramic and if it gets damaged at all, the pole comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Rugged, solid fiberglass construction  
  • Very affordable for a rod that has a good casting distance
  • Lightweight design for easy portability on long-distance walks
  • Guides made from ceramic for durability and long-lasting use


  • Some segments have been known to stick when trying to retract

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod - Portable Fishing Rod Buying Guide

Before you go ahead and buy your new telescopic rod, there are a few things you should consider.

Take a look at some key factors to find out what makes a good-quality telescopic rod.


As with traditional one-piece fishing rods, telescopic rods are also rated by their power or weight. The strength of the rod during use is estimated and this is found by noting the first blank past the reel seat.

If you plan on fishing for smaller fish in lakes or streams, a telescoping rod with less power is recommended than those in deep saltwater fishing. Look for a rod’s listing on a scale from ‘ultra-light’ to ‘heavy’.


One of the chief advantages of using telescoping fishing rods is their portability. You should consider the length of a rod when it is collapsed so that it can be stored and transported easily.

The best telescoping rods collapse to a fraction of their size at one or two feet.


An important consideration is a telescoping rod’s action or sometimes referred to as its flex rate. Its action is the speed it can return to its original position once a fish has been hooked.

Unlike traditional carbon fiber rods, telescoping rods have a moderate or slow action. The speed of your rod can affect the rate at which your hook can be set after you get a good bite.


Telescopic rods are primarily made from either fiberglass or graphite (carbon). These can sometimes be combined. Each is equally reliable and it usually comes down to personal preference.

Some rods are made from cheap aluminum or thin steel but these are prone to bending so it is recommended you ignore these types.

Graphite rods are typically lighter, more sensitive, and are more flexible. These are considered best with soft bait and for fish such as bluegill as their bite can be very light.

Fiberglass tends to be more durable and heavier. It is generally considered these types are better suited for larger fish types such as pike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits and cons of using a telescoping fishing rod?

As we have mentioned, telescoping rods are wonderfully portable.

Their collapsible nature makes them easy to transport on foot as well as in cars, planes, and buses. They are also easy to store. Simply keep it in a tackle box or small space for convenient safekeeping.

One con is how these rods are limited to slow and moderate actions so you won’t get much flexibility for fishing larger fish. Their range is also much smaller compared to traditional rods but the market is starting to see a wider variety to choose from.

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